Retro Netflix Transparent Wide PicFebruary 2015: Top 12 Movies about Faith

Now Streaming on Netflix

by Zelda Caldwell

of Aleteia∝


Dirck van Delen Beeldenstorm in een kerk Square Pic  The Church of the Spirit of Vatican II:

  The Netherlands Without Christ

  by Matteo Matuzzi

  of Il Foglio via Rorate Cæli


Pope Francis Selfie  “Hanging Out” With Pope Francis

  by Chelsea Zimmerman

  of Reflections of a Paralytic



Sin City’s Secret: Catholicism Is Booming in Las Vegas – Chris Kudialis, The Register
The Delights of Holding Back: Self-Mastery has a Place in Every Marriage – Jason Godin
Girl in Tuxedo: 2 Variations on Sexual Orientation & Gender I.D. – Jean Lloyd, Pub Dis
What Happens When Truth Is Rejected – Mark S. Latkovic STD, Truth & Charity Frm
The Absurdity of Transgenderism: A Stern but Necessary Critique – Carlos D. Flores, PD
Why Settle for Shades of Grey? – Mary, Catholic Sistas
Epic Book Giveaway: The Newest Book by Patrick Madrid! – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew
Understanding Saint John Paul II & Oscar Romero – Filip Mazurczak, The Catholic Thing
The State of Catholic Schools in England – Joanna Bogle, The CWR Blog
The U.K. Parliament Okays “Three-Parent Babies”, Is the U.S. Next? – John Burger
Prepare for Lent – (2-16-15)
I. S. I. S. Declares War on Civilization – (2-17-15)
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