Heroic Priesthood: Seminarians Talk About

the Demands and Joy of the Priesthood

via ChurchPOP


Pope Francis with Holy Smoke  Pope Francis: Christians Who Forget

  God’s Love Are ‘in Grave Danger’

  via The National Catholic Register



Chotki Facebook Like Original Pic  Before the Rosary There was the Chotki

  by Dominic Cassella

  of Epic Pew



Trusting In God Completely – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Stand
Our Expectations and One Certainty – Lianna Mueller, Ignitum Today
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41 Perfect Comebacks to Jokes About Your Big Family – ChurchPOP
Who’s Entering Religious Life These Days? – The National Catholic Register
How Important is a Catholic Homeschool Curriculum? – John Clark, Seton Magazine
Pope Francis: We Must Care for All Our Environments – John S. Grabowski, OSV
Is Facebook’s New Policy That Bad? – Shaun McAfee
How the Devil Twists Pleasure into a Stumbling Block for Many – Philip Kosloski
Islam vs. Secularism vs. Christianity – (1-28-15)
Synod 2015: Spirit of Vatican II vs. The Word – (2-9-15)
The Clash of Civilizations: Christianity and Islam – (2-10-15)
For the WEDNESDAY BYZANTINE EDITION (2-11-15) click here.
For the THURSDAY MORNING EDITION (2-12-15) click here.

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