Pope Francis: Large Families ‘Represent Hope for Society’ Pope Francis and Out-Of-Control Deadly

Eschatological Global Warming

by William M. Briggs


How To Comment On The Pope, If At All  Pope Francis:

  Large Families ‘Represent Hope for Society’

  via The National Catholic Register


Snake Handler  11 Most Annoying Things

  to Say to a Theology Major

  by Ryan Mayer of Epic Pew


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Global Warming: Is It Really Man-Made? – Frank Rega, TShoF
Book Giveaway: The Kingdom of Patria – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew
The Kasperites Don’t Understand Self-Damnation – Ellen W. Fielding
What’s Ahead for Pope Francis in 2015? – Edward Pentin, The Reg
Catholics! Keep Your Trees Up! – Christopher Check, Cthlc Answers
Eliminating Obstacles in 2015 (& Beyond) – Randy Hain, ICL™
France & Islam: Islamist Terror Strikes Paris – (1-7-15)
Christendom & Responding to Muslim Terror – (1-9-15)
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