Watch Patrick Madrid

“Making the Case for the Catholic Church”

by Shaun McAfee of Epic Pew


Eve Tushnet Transparent Square Pic  Eve Tushnet Is Wrong

  by Kevin O’Brien

  of Waiting for Godot to Leave


Condemnations of 1277 Square Pic  Father Jean Buridan and the

  Birth of Modern Science

  by Stacy Trasancos PhD

  of The Integrated Catholic Life™


Saint Dominic and Saint Benedict Square Pic  The Catholic Option: “All of the Above”

  by David F. Dietema

  of Crisis Magazine


Are Sexual Sins the Worst Ones? – Allison Ricciardi, Cthlc Sprtl Drctn
7 Advent Facts You May Not Know – Dominic Cassella, Epic Pew
Catholic-Secular Health-Care Partnerships Not Good – J. Frawley D.
Gates Fndtn Robbing African Women Their Lives – Obianuju Ekeocha
Joyful Mysteries & the Christian Life – Emma King, Ignitum Today
Is Saint George Still a Saint? – Taylor Marshall PhD
Have You Abdicated Your Throne? – Annie Deddens, Catholic Stand
Brittany Maynard’s Mom: Vatican Statement Slap In the Face – Schiffer
Issues Arising from the Synod on the Family – Big Pulpit (11-18-14)
Islam and Their Problems – (11-18-14)
Pope Francis, The Francis Effect & The Media – Big Pulpit (11-19-14)

Making Marriage Survive and Thrive – (11-19-14)
For the FRIDAY EDITION (11-28-14) click here.

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