How to Perfectly Know the Existence of God How to Perfectly Know the Existence of God

by Joe Heschmeyer

of Shameless Popery


Contentment: The Secret of Happiness  Contentment:

  The Secret of Happiness

  by Sam Guzman of The Catholic Gentleman


saint-francis_by_giotto  The Poverty of the Church and

  the Beauty of the Liturgy

  by Jennifer Donelson

  of New Liturgical Movement


The Bible of Saint Louis – Thomas L. McDonald, God & the Machine
10 Eye-Popping Treasures from the Vatican – The Daily Telegraph
Things You Need to Know about John Duns Scotus – Stephen Beale
The Lowest Place in Heaven – Howard Kainz, The Catholic thing
Wife’s Secret Diary Drew Atheist Husband to Church – Francis Phillips
A Glimpse into the Life of an African-American Priest – Dawn Eden
What are the Obstacles Between Catholic Men & Christ? – Randy Hain
High-Tech CEOs Who are Low-Tech Parents – Jim Schroeder, Aleteia∝
Kiev: Where the Godly & Wicked Face Off – Victor Gaetan, The Reg
The Accidental Marriage: Unexpected, Delightful &. . . – S. Reinhard
The Monks of the Abbey of St. Mary Magdalene – Bridget Green
2014 Synod Analysis – (11-5-14)
Family and Marriage: Analysis – (11-7-14)
The Real Synod & the Synod of the Media – (11-10-14)
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