Far from being an heroic deed, it is a most cowardly actThe Assisted Suicide in Oregon of

Brittany Maynard, an Unheroic Act

by Brian Williams

of One Peter 5


Anise Parker  The Rhetoric of the Houston Ordinance

  by Mark Bauerlein

  of First Things


A Reader with Jitters About Pope Francis writes Read more:  Pope Francis, a Romanticized Papacy?

  by Andrea Gagliarducci

  of Monday Vatican


What to Say to Those Who Wants to Leave Church? – M. De La Torre
Catholic Capitulation on Marriage – R. R. Reno, First Things
Pope Francis Reaches Out to Old Catholic Church – Adelaide Mena
What Is a Sacrifice? – Two Catholic Men and a Blog
Theology from the Floor: Humility & Toddlers – Luke Arredondo, IT
When Randomness Becomes Superstition – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
Saint Thomas Aquinas on Purgatory – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACth
A Simulated Universe Worshiping a Pimply Teen? – S. Trasancos PhD
Playing with a Ouija Board Is Stupid & Dangerous – Francis Phillips
The Real Synod & the Synod of the Media – (11-10-14)
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