Looking to Synod on the Family 2015

Synod 2014 VaticanThe Protestant Mind-Set in The Synod

via Saint Etheldreda’s Place

Why the Synod Troubled Me – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
Michael Sean Winters Slams Ross Douthat – Carson Holloway, Cth Vot
Does Kasper Proposal Make Pope Francis a Heretic? – Dr. Jeff Mirus
What It Means for Pope Francis to Change Doctrine – Phil Lawler, CC
Communion, Pastoral Care for Divorced, Remarried – Carson Holloway
The Sacred & the Taboo: A Lesson from the Synod – David Pence
Earthquake Cancelled, How Social Media Influenced the Synod – Rgn
The Law and the Laws of Love – Canonry of St. Leopold, Aleteia∝
Synod Aftershocks – Editorial Board, OSV Newsweekly
The Explainer: Who Is Archbishop Bruno Forte? – Luke Coppen
The Law of Gradualism: A Process Toward God – John S. Grabowski
Islam 101 – BigPulpit.com (10-28-14)
Crisis of the Family and Marriage – BigPulpit.com (10-29-14)
2014 Synod Analysis – BigPulpit.com (11-5-14)
For the THURSDAY MORNING EDITION (10-30-14) click here.
For the FRIDAY EDITION (10-31-14) click here.
For the SUNDAY AFTERNOON EDITION (11-2-14) click here.
For the WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON EDITION (11-5-14) click here.

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