Synod on the Family AD 2014 Cardinal Kasper Pope Francis divorced remarriedA Chaotic Synod? Not In Its Results

by Dr. Jeff Mirus

of Catholic Culture

Dear Atheists, Science Provides for God’s Existence – TCMaaB
A Grandmother’s Legacy: Faith, Family, Zest for Life – Greg Yoko, CS
Stephen Hawking Is an Atheist? Who Cares? – David Byrne, Crisis
A Case of Surrogacy’s Gordian Knot – Wesley Smith JD, Cthlc Lane
The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde – Sean Fitzpatrick, The Cvl Rdr
The Death of a Parish, a Promise of New Life? – Richard J. Clark
They’re Still Trying to Disprove Post-Abortion Trauma Syndrome
Common Phrases You Didn’t Know Came From the Bible – ChurchPOP
Why Is Society Reluctant to Judge Anything at All? – Fr J V Schall SJ
The Truth & Charity Trap – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
The Greatest Disease in the West – Alex Johannigman, ATCJ
Islam 101 – (10-28-14)
Crisis of the Family and Marriage – (10-29-14)
For the FRIDAY EDITION (10-24-14) click here.
For the WEDNESDAY MORNING EDITION (10-29-14) click here.
For the WEDNESDAY EVENING EDITION (10-29-14) click here.

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