Stephen Hawking and Pope Emeritus BenedictStephen Hawking and The Heavens

courtesy Ignitum Today


Halloween Pumpkin Jack o Lantern  Halloween: From Human Spirit to Holy Spirit

  by Sean Fitzpatrick of Catholic Exchange



Pope Saint Pius X  6 Ways My Back-to-the-Land Distributist

  Dream Farm Tried to Kill Me

  by Devin Rose of ChurchPOP


New Womb-Transplant Tech. Offers Progress & A Warning – Adl. Mena
The Crisis & the Storm: The Abuse of the Eucharist – Shane Schaetzel
Depression & Suicide, A Catholic Perspective – Aaron Kheriaty
Real Victims of the Gay Bullyboys – Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine
Teachers Told Call Kids Purple Penguins, Boys & Girls Not Inclusive
Susan G. Komen’s Moral Dilemma – Judy Roberts, NCRegister.com
I Didn’t See It Coming – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic Stand
Pray for Brittany, Death Scheduled for Nov. 1 – Sr. Tha. A. Noble
My Brush with the Sex Abuse Scandal – Stephen Herreid
Synod on Family Issues Pitiable Report – BigPulpit.com (10-14-14)
Synod on the Family Fall Out – BigPulpit.com (10-27-14)
Islam 101 – BigPulpit.com (10-28-14)
Crisis of the Family and Marriage – BigPulpit.com (10-29-14)
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