Richard Collins Blogger of Linen on the HedgerowR. I. P. Richard Collins, Popular British Blogger

by the Family of Richard Collins

of Linen on the Hedgerow


Daily Examination of Conscience Keeps the Devil at Bay, Pope Francis Says  Read more:  Pope Francis: Daily Examination of

  Conscience Keeps the Devil at Bay

  by Elise Harris of


Graham Greene’s “Power and the Glory”: Catholic Priesthood is Vocational Sacrifice  Graham Greene’s “Power & the Glory”:

  Catholic Priesthood Is Vocational Sacrifice

  by Quartermaster of the Barque

Thousands Bid Farewell to Fr. Benedict Groeschel – John Burger
Columbus, Catholicism & Courage – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACthlc
Evidence for God’s Existence – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Beardless Jesus? Not So Likely – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace
How To Craft A Chalice, Ciborium & Paten – Catholic Icing
Spiritual Care for Atheists: Compassion Not Condemnation – M. Juneau
The Man Working to Bring Down China’s One-Child Policy – Stricherz
On the So-Called “Choice-in-Dying” – Trent Horn, Catholic Answers
“Risk Jesus”: New Evangelization in Action – Caitlin Bootsma
Synod on the Family: October 7 Update – (10-7-14)
Synod on the Family: October 12 Update – (10-12-14)
For the FRIDAY EDITION (10-24-14) click here.

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