Synod on the Family: October 12 Update

Pope Francis Discusses About the HomelessPope Francis Is Creating a “Tense” Synod

by Robert Royal of The Catholic Thing


Cardinal Burke  Some Notes on Crd. Burke’s EWTN Interview

  by Dr. Ed Peters

  of In the Light of the Law


Cardinal Kasper  The Decline & Fall of Radical Catholicism;

  Or, What the Synod Will Have Wrought

  by William M. Briggs


Questionable Aspects of the Synod on the Family – Edward Pentin
Ambiguity Doesn’t Serve Discussion, Bad Logic Destroys It – Dr. Peters
Synod’s “Relatio” Drafting Cmt., Notice Anything Odd? – Fr. Z’s Blog
African Bishop Wept When He Read the Synod Summary – Rorate Cæli
As The Synod Turns – Fr. Z’s Blog
St. John Paul II on Gradualism – Thomas L. McDonald, God & Mchn
Hungarian Cardinal a Prime Mover in Synod – John L. Allen Jr.
Abp Paglia: We Are in a ‘De-Familied’ Society – Edward Pentin
Cardinal Burke Interview on New Marriage Book – Fr. Z’s Blog
Synod on Family: Oct. 13 Evening Update – (10-13-14)
For the SUNDAY EDITION (10-12-14) click here.
For the MONDAY EDITION (10-13-14) click here.

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