Answering a Muslim ApologistAnswering a Muslim Apologist – Robert Spencer, Catholic Answers

Hitchcock’s “History of the Catholic Church” – Howard Kainz PhD
The Swimming Pool Mass: A Catholic Rorschach Test – Brian Williams
When Ratzinger & Reagan Teamed Up on Faith & Hope – Paul Kengor
A Little Redemptive Suffering Never Hurt Anyone – T. J. Burdick, IT
Padre Pio and Grief – Patrick Burke, The Way Out There
Legion of Christ Apologizes for Poorly Chosen Remarks – Edw. Pentin
Melinda Gates Raising B$ to Inject Women w/Depo-Provera – S Mosher
PopeWatch: Melian World – Donald R. McClarey JD, The Amrcn Cth
Anthony “Tony” Fraser, Requiescat In Pace – The Eye-Witness
A Framework for the New Evangelization – Andrew Kassebaum, Ct St
Federal Judge Overturns Utah Polygamy Ban – Mark Gordon, Aleteia∝
Better Movies, Please – Patrick Coffin, Catholic Answers
The Sublime Patchwork Art of a Vermont Recluse – Heather King
Restoring the Penalties to the Born-Alive Act – Hadley Arkes PhD
India Christians Long Wait Justice Yrs After Hindu Attack – A. Akkara
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – (9-8-14)
The Clash of Faiths – (9-11-14)
9/11, Christianity, and Islam – (9-11-14)
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