Liturgical DancersGrotesque Liturgical Abuse – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Pope Francis, the Reckless Words of Crd. Kasper & Dr. Ed Peters – Fr Z
Vatican Publicly Rebukes Dissenting Nuns – Anne Hendershott, Crisis
14 Things Catholic Moms Want to Tell You about Themselves – M. K.
Poverty, Justice & Christian Love – Michael Matheson Miller, Actn Cmnt
Francis: Christian Who Doesnt Witness to Faith becomes Sterile – TACt
Debate: What Is the Point of Catholic Blogging? – The Catholic Herald
Tough Times for Catholic Adoption Agencies – Joseph R. LaPlante, OSV
When Mother’s Day Is a Day of Mourning – Marie Meaney PhD, Tr & Ch Fr
‘The Good Shepherd’: 4th Sunday after Easter Readings – Mic. Barber
House Isn’t Ours to Remodel; On the LCWR – Another Matt’s Blog
What Is with Crd. Baldissieri Comments on Remarriage? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Reckless of Crd. Kasper to Repeat Words of Pope Francis – Dr. E. Peters
Catholic Col. Tuition Bubble Showing Signs of Bursting – Motley Monk
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
The Climate Change Debate Is Over & Environmentalists Lost – God&Csr
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