Pope Francis SmilingCatholics Must Learn to Resist Pope Francis – Michael B. Dougherty

Pope Francis, Divorce, Remarriage, Holy Communion – Fr. Z’s Blog
Pope Francis the Divider – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
Pope Francis & the Culture of Encounter – Jeff McLeod, Catholic Stand
Francis, Remarriage, Communion & Sense of the Faithful – Ph. Lawler
The Purpose of Sex in Marriage – Pete Jermann, Crisis Magazine
Humanae Vitae: What If? – George Weigel, First Things
‘Botched’ Execution in U.S. & Church View of Death Penalty – J Frawley
Why Skeptical Pediatrician Came to Love Homeschooling – Berchelmann
Crd. Müller: LCWR Stands in ‘Open Provocation’ of Holy See – A. Carey
Blessed are Pure in Heart: Finding Freedom f/Porn Addiction – R Chhin
We Are Not Going Anywhere – Patrick Archbold, NCRegister.com
Common Core at Work – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
Back to Socrates – James Kalb, The Catholic World Report
A Female Alter Server in Clerical Garb Is an Absurdity – Fr. Z’s Blog
Seattle’s Foolish Experiment Will Be a Lesson for America – God & Csr
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