How to Help Cohabiting CouplesHow to Help Cohabiting Couples – Fr. Ted Martin, Homiletic & Pstrl Rvw

“Jesus’s Wife” Hoax: The Plot Thickens – Thomas L. McDonald, GatM
The Key to Increasing Vocations – Fr. Z’s Blog
Two Saintly Popes: How JP2 & John XXIII Modeled Virtue – Fr. Rob. Barron
Pope John XXIII, 1958-1963: A Brief Biography – Fr. David V. Meconi SJ
The ABCs of Anselm – Donald S. Prudlo, The Standard Bearers
In Colorado, Plenty of Connections With JP2 – Anna M. Basquez, The Reg
Faith Needs Philosophy: The Relationship bt. Reason & Revelation – H&PR
Why Developing Skill of Drawing Is So Necessary for the Artist – D. Clayton
Mideast Christians, Dhimmis Once More? – Mark Movsesian, First Things
Catholics Must Reject Elite DiscourseJames Kalb, Crisis Magazine
Why Don’t Modern Parents Name Their Little Girls ‘Mary’? – Mary Schiffer
Jesuits – Fr. John Hunwicke, Mutual Enrichment
Treasures of the Abbey of St. Maurice at the Louvre – Gregory DiPippo
The TLM at the Ends of the Earth – Regina Blog
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