Was Jackie O excommunicated?Was Jackie O Excommunicated? – Dr. Edward Peters, Canon Law Blog

Crucifixion in the Ancient World & Why Jesus Died This Way – Mic. Barber
Cry Room Survival 101: When Mass Is a Near Occasion of Sin – Carrie Gress
New Discernment House Helps Vocations Flourish – NCRg (link fixed)
A Biblical ‘Easter Egg’ in the Passion of Jesus Christ – Joe Heschmeyer
Stations of the Cross; The Sacred Art of Helen McIldowie-Jenkins – TWoB
Viewing Passion Thru Eyes of St. Gemma Galgani – Joel & Lisa Schmidt
A Non-Historical Question about Jesus of Nazareth – Bob Drury, Cthlc Stnd
David Cameron Is Making Plight of Persecuted Christians Worse – Ed West
Ways to Keep the Faith: A Checklist for the Easter Season – G. R. Crowe
Jesuit Priest Saw Christ Crucified Again in Syria – Peter J. Smith, The Reg
Easter Changes Everything . . . – Autumn Jones, Catholic Stand
Reflection on the Holy Land – Matthew Heinrich, Ignitum Today
Dive Deeper Into Scripture This Summer w/Jeff Cavins & Scott Hahn – FUS
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