Duke’s Porn Star and Pope Francis’ Lenten Intentions - See more at:’s Sex Star & Pope Francis’ Lenten Intentions – Sr. Theresa Noble

3 Days of Darkness Begins – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
Why Is the Back of Father’s Vestment Raised at the Consecration? – Fr Z
Deep in the Heart of Texas, Love & Traditional Catholicism – RT Sullivan
The Saint Who Devoted Himself to Scientific Work – The Cthlc Herald
Are You Distracted During Prayer? – Fr. Joseph M. Esper, Cthlc Exchng
Mayors Tell Irish Parades: No Catholic Values Need Apply – Ptr. J. Smith
What Not to Learn from Eastern Orthodoxy – Gabriel S. Sanchez, Crisis
‘c’atholics for Choice & Canon 915 – Fr. Z’s Blog
Catholic Journos, Bloggers Have Duty to Tell Truth about Francis – M.O.
Bp. Egan: Denial of Communion Can Be Act of Mercy, Love – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Happiest Mass I Ever Attended Was a Funeral – Sherry Antonetti, CC
Will Reaffirmation of Teaching on Divorce & Communion be Ignored? – Z
Women’s Freedom Isn’t Reliant on Contraception, Scholar Says – A Mena
To Be Serious About Contraception – Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine
The Gentle Art of Apologetics – Michelle Arnold, Catholic Answers
The Church of the Annunciation & the Church of St. Joseph – D.V. Glahn
Conversations with Atheists – Jason Liske, Unblack
Resolving Medical, Ethical & Liberty Reproductive Life Issues – V. Ajluni
Detectives of Despair – Matthew Becklo, Strange Notions
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