Reverse WreckovationReverse Wreckovation – Fr. Z’s Blog

Rather than the Benedict Option, the Francis Option – P. E. Gobry
Univ. of Notre Dame to Start Making Catholic Character a Priority – CED
How the Ark Changed Shape – Will Gore, The Catholic Herald
The Papacy in Scripture, No Rocks Required – Tim Staples, Cthlc Answers
The Lost Art of Sacred Art – Sean Fitzpatrick, Catholic Exchange
Inside the Cloister – Casey N. Cep, The New Yorker
In Dust & Ashes: 21 Images from the Book of Job – H. H. Ambrose, SPL
B16 Recalls Blessed JP2’s Sanctity in New Interview – Edward Pentin
Holy Fathers, Holy Faces – James Day, The Catholic World Report
Thomas Aquinas: Child of Christ – Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Magazine
Midsummer on the Moselle for a Latin Mass Wedding – Beverly Stevens
Cosmology & Creation: Contrasting Notions – Fr. Andrew Pinsent, Str Ntn
Medical Cmt. Approves Miracle to Emmy Award-Winning Sheen – V. I.
Lectio Divina: What, Where, When – Peter Kwasniewski, New Ltrgc Mvmnt
Note on Explaining Existence – James Chastek ThD, Just Thomism
Defying the Odds: 2 Deliveries that Changed Me – K. M. Berchelmann MD
Hidden Harmonies in the Gospels – Jimmy Akin, The Reg
Intelligent Design Might Be Wrong, But Not the Way You Think – S Webb
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