Don’t Get Caught Up in Being Left Behind – Nicholas Hardesty
Orientation to the Question of Canonical Form for Marriage – Dr. Peters
A Priestly Ordination at Hamborn Abbey, Germany – Gregory DiPippo
Walk for Life on the West Coast – Jean Heimann, Catholic Fire
7 Reasons Pope Francis Makes Me Want to Be a Saint – Seth Evangelho
Pro-lifers Should Not Promote Contraception – Trent Horn, Cthlc Ans
Understanding the Dark Side of the Moon: Part 1 – Emma Smith, IT
Girl Scouts: Are the Cookies Finally Crumbling? – Birgit Jones, CS
Metaphysics & Experience of God: David Bentley Hart – W/ Carroll
Selling the Faith of Unbelievers – William West, Mercator Net
If We Only Had a King – Paul Zummo, The American Catholic
Sex-Selection in the West – Rebecca Taylor, Catholic Lane
The Little Sisters of the Poor “Under My Thumb” – Russ Rentler MD
What About Art Made by Monsters? – Simcha Fisher, NCReg
Why Catholics Don’t Care – Matthew Schmitz, First Thoughts/FT
What Our Obligations to Other Animals Are Not – C. Tollefsen
Poor Catholic “Trash” – Stephen Herreid, Aleteia
Simon (Peter) Says – Matthew Olson, YouCatholic
U. K.: Catholics Decrease in Population – Fr. Z’s Blog
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