What Attracts Young Men to the PriesthoodWhat Attracts Young Men to the Priesthood – Leslie Fain

The New Homophiles – Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine
Replacement of Crd. Burke, Panic & Celebration are Premature – Lawler
A Virgin Shall Conceive: 4th Advent Sun. Readings – Michael Barber, TSP
Visions of the Child Jesus in the lives of the Saints – Mystics of the Chrch
4th Sun. of Advent: 10 things to Know & Share – Jimmy Akin, The NCReg
Trad’l Formation of the Artist Is Liturgical Formation – David Clayton
Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson & Same-Sex Attraction –
How Much Time Do I Have Left? – Fr. Mark S. Camp ThD PhD, MCCatholic
The Link Between Catechesis & Liturgy – Kevin M. Tierney, Catholic Lane
First Anglican Ordinariate Monastery to be Founded New Yr’s Day – CH
Singles! Advent Is Our Time – Elynne Whaley, Ignitum Today
Without Dogma Science Is Lost – Stacy Trasancos PhD
FFI Sisters Fight Back Against Fr. Volpi’s Accusations – Rorate Cæli
Horrible Video: Abortion Supporters Attack Praying Catholics – Archbold
Francis Pharcellus Church, the Little Girl & Santa Claus – D. McClarey JD
Christmas, the Good, the Pretence & the Hypocrisy – Godwin D. Adadzie
Playing with Dolls & Delayed Motherhood – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand
SDG Reviews ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ – Steven D. Greydanus, The Daily Reg
“Pajama Boy” & Nathaniel P – God & Caesar
Film Review: ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ – David Ives, Aleteia
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