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Should Catholics Avoid Erotic Romance Novels? – Francis Phillips, Cth Hrl
Our Lady of the 7 Veils (Sts. Alphonsus & Pio) – Dr. Taylor Marshall
St. Ambrose of Milan – John P. Bequette, Crisis Magazine
Pope to Create Commission on Sex Abuse of Minors –
Are We Still Under a Law? – Mathew Olson, Answering Protestants
“. . .Share Your Food with the Hungry” Isaiah 58:7 – Thm. J. Neal PhD
How Catholics Understand the Bible – Mark P. Shea, Strange Notions
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St. Philip’s School Confirmation & Pontifical Benediction – Charles Cole
Cartesian-Inspired Gender Confusions – Randall Smith, The Cthlc Thing
Dominican Low Mass in St. Dominic’s, Haverstock Hill – Joseph Shaw
7 Billion Characters in Search of an Author – Mark P. Shea, The NCRgstr
N. American Col. Seminarians Battle in ‘Spaghetti Bowl’ – K. Lenartowick
The Bittersweet Secret to Success – Christina Weber, Catholic Stand
Judge Hears Arguments in Same-Sex Wedding Cake Dispute – CNA
Christmas Gift Ideas for Church Musicians & Liturgy Geeks – Adam Wood
The Gift of Silence – God & Caesar
Catholic Chant Tops the Charts for Christmas 2013 – Beverly Stevens
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