Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist is a problemNo, You Can’t Support Abortion & Be an E. M. of the Eucharist – Fr. O

The Ethics of Water – Christopher Meehan, Homiletic & Pastoral Rv
Redemptorist Father Pablo Straub (1932-2013) – Joseph Pronechen
A Declaration of Tolerance – Mike Aquilina, MercatorNet
Preparing for All Saints’ Day – Charla, Catholic Sistas
Marty Haugen Music Outlawed Under New Geneva Resolution – TEye
Out: Leap of Faith, In: Light of Faith – Jeff McLeod, Catholic Stand
Quotes Suitable for Framing: Flannery O’Connor – D. R. McClarey JD
Pro-Lifers Score Victory in European Parliament – L. Gotti Tedeschi, CH
People are What They Do with Silence – Thomas Colyandro, MA, MDiv
More Must be Less Enthusiastic – R. Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow
The Abortion Prayer Wars – P. Maguire Armstrong, Catholic Inspiration
Vatican Plans to Take on World Religions in Cricket – Elise Harris, CNA
Quæritur: Confession at Regular Parish, Mass at S. S. P. X.? – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Common Core: Education Radically Transformed – G. V. Bradley
Passing on the Faith Through Religious Education – OSV Newsweekly
New Traditionalist Initiative for Evangelization of Old Europe – TEF
The Mission of Shrines – Br. John M. Samaha SM, Mystic Post
Athletics & Catholic Identity at Mt. St. Mary’s University – Kelly Conroy
Go Ahead and Get Rich! – Fr. D. Longenecker, Standing on My Head
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