Priest Resigns from Mater Hospital over Abortion Stance – M. Kelly, TIC
Attenborough & Hawking Should Stop Pontificating – F. Phillips, CthHrld
Be Not Afraid, Be Not Mean – Tammy Ruiz, Catholic Stand
Answering Atheism: An Interview with Trent Horn (Video) – Brandon Vogt
Teaching Reading in your {Catholic} Homeschool – RaisingSaints, CSis
Introducing Drs. Angela and David Franks – Liz Estler, RCSD Editor
I Don’t Have Time for This – Bridget Green, Truth and Charity
“Respect Life” Starts Inside the Domestic Church – K Sciba, Catholic Wife
If I Designed a Family Friendly Restaurant . . . – Marissa Nichols, CMom
Christian ABC Crafts – Lacy, Catholic Icing
News Flash: Jesus of Nazareth Tolerant of Adulterers – T. Horn, CAns
Orphaned at Conception – Rebecca Taylor, NCReg
Sandro Magister on Popes Francis, Benedict and JP II – D. R. McClarey
What is the Relationship Between Faith and Science? – Thoughts
The Extraordinary Form Mass in NYC – B. Monzon-Puleo, Regina Mag
“Pragmatic Eudaimonism” –  Rick Garnett, Mirror of Justice
A Saint for the Hoosiers: Mother Guérin – Kevin Schmiesing, Crisis Mag
Reading Francis Through Leo XIII? – Kevin M. Tierney, Catholic Lane
Confirmation Bias Happens To The Other Guy – William M. Briggs PhD
Belgian Transsexual Euthanized! – Wesley J. Smith, National Review
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