Truth and Lies about the same sex revolution3 Lies that Built the Same-Sex Revolution – Michael Cook, Mercatornet

Archbishop Philip Wilson Bans Pro-Lifers – The Eponymous Flower
Confession Tips on Not Receiving or Doing Penance – Fr. Z’s Blog
Married Priests, Ritual Purity & Priestly Celibacy – Fr. Ryan Erlenbush
Debunking Mythical Conflict Between Science & Religion – Jam. Hannam
Making the Most of Aparecida – Fr. James Melnick, Catholic Stand
What Sort of Music Befits Eternity? – Adam Wood, The Chant Café
Homeschooling: Under Fire at Home & Abroad – Anne Hendershott
Countering Christian Support for ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ – Jsh. Brotherton
What’s the Right Way to Get Baptized? – Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers
The Sexual Rhythm of Rock Music (2 of 2) – Dr. Peter Kwasniewski
Spanish Civil War Martyrs to be Beatified – EWTN News
Virtually Evil – Rod Dreher, Russian Orthodox Blogger
Tudor Appetite for Desecration Still Chills the Blood – Leanda De Lisle
Aquinas on Private Property – Wesley Coopersmith, Values & Cptlsm
Real Power of Cuba’s Catholic Church – Vicente M. Aguado, Havana Tms
Analyzing 7 Deadly Sins, Pt. 5: Gluttony – Jason Liske, Ascndng Mt. Crml
Contradictions: Catholics for Choice – Mary Langlois, Truth & Charity Frm
Patience. . .The Need to Trust the Slow Work of God – Msgr Charles Pope
The Priestly Vocation & the Extraordinary Form Mass – Jennifer Donelson
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