The Sexual Rhythm of Rock Music – Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Views Choir
Street Preacher Arrested After Lesbian Offended – Matt Archbold, CMR
Fr. Ray Blake Should be Applauded, Not Castigated – Mary O’Regan, CH
Adele Brise and the Sign of the Cross – Edward Looney, Ignitum Today
Is the Church a Friend of Tyranny? – Jason Jones & John Zmirak, Aleteia
Stump the Priest: The Problem of Evil – Byz Pulpit
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God and the Minimum Wage – God and Caesar
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Must See Video about Solidarity, Friendship – Fr. Z’s Blog
Flight of the Bumblebee – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
What Salve Regina Would You Suggest? – Jeffrey Tucker, The Chant Café
Stockton Diocese May Face Bankruptcy Over Abuse Lawsuits – Ct Nw Ag
Chalice & Paten by New Anglican Ordinariate Parish – David Clayton
Are Southern College Football Schools Cashing Katrina Aid – Bg Nws Wnk
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Uncommon Nonsense – E. Fitzpatrick
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