Pope Francis: Day of Fasting and Prayer For Syria – K. Edwards, Aust Inc
On Pride, Something Jesus told St. Catherine of Siena – Msgr. C. Pope
Android Priests Developed To Help Say Mass, Hear Confessions – Tiber
The Great Disappointment : Obsessing About End Times – J. Liske, AMC
Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life – P. MacArthur, CL
Children and Online Porn: Five Quick Stats – Theresa Noble, Igntm Tdy
Let’s Hear It for St. Augustine: Theologian for Our Times – Dr. B.Kurland
Abortion: Doctors V. Nurses, Physician Assistants & Midwives – Briggs
Quæritur: The G. I. R. M. Is Silent about a Couple Things – Fr. Z’s Blog
6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Kids – TJ Burdick, Ignitum Today
Former Bishop of Hong Kong: Prison If No Free Elections Held – Speciale
Abp. Kaboy: The Congolese Civil War Devastates Catholics – T. Toeka
Birth Rates and Traditional Families – God and Caesar
Many Catholics Will Fall Away in Persecution – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
The Church and the Syrian Refugees – William L. Patenaude, CWR
Why Shouldn’t Faith Schools Criticize Homosexuals? – Davenport, Spkd
Egypt: Christians Defend Al Azhar University – Alessandro Speciale, VI
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