Yoga Bare – Karl Keating JD, Catholic Answers
10 Quotes about the Rosary – Godwin Delali Adadzie, Ignitum Today
Miracle: Ordinariate’s Nuns Move into New Convent – William Oddie, CH
The Rise of Pro-Life Africa – Obianuju Ekeocha, Pro-Life Africa
Thank God It’s Friday – Gabriel Garnica JD, Catholic Stand
Meatless Friday: Hearty Crock Pot Potato Soup – Birgit Jones, Designs. . .
Pope Greets 500 Young Pilgrims at St. Peter’s Basilica – E. Aguirre, DRg
What Do You Smell Like? – J. Q. Tomanek, Ignitum Today
Part, Gorecki, or Wikipedia? (Click It!) – Kathleen Pluth STL, The Chnt Cfé
Catholic In The Ozarks Television Interview – Shane Schaetzel, CITO
Invitatory (Psalm 95): A One-Act Play – Marcus Grodi, Back Porch
Have We Discovered the God Particle? – Dr. Stephen M. Barr, Strng Ntns
Against Symbolic Killing – R. R. Reno PhD, First Things
The Christians in Syria and the War –
Quæritur: Of Canonical Digits and Purifications – Fr. Z’s Blog
Ill-Educated and Proud of It! – Donald R. McClarey JD, The Amrcn Catholic
President Obama as Originalist Orator – God and Caesar
George Orwell’s 1984: Are We There Yet? – Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Mgzn
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