St. Dominic: The Hound of the Hounds – Tom Perna
Cloaking Infanticide With Medical Respectability – Denise J. Hunnell MD
Abuelo’s Catechism – Karee Santos, Catholic Mom
The Hidden Life of Wisdom – Christopher O. Blum, Crisis Magazine
Brace Yourself, You’re Homeschooling Again – Martina Krietzer, CSistas
EEK! The Millennials Are Leaving the Church! – Anthony S. Layne, CS
Exploding the Mithras Myth – Jon Sorensen, Strange Notions
A Woman’s Guide to Loving a Man – Catholic Style – Rebecca Frech, IT
Our Enemy, The Hospitals – God and Caesar
Did Mary Give the Rosary to Saint Dominic? – Taylor Marshall PhD, CTls
Integrated Catholics Disintegrating? – Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot
And That’s Precisely My Point – Jeffrey Tucker, New Liturgical Movement
Clarke Forsythe’s Book on Roe v. Wade – Richard Myers, Mirror of Justice
Liberation Theology & Argentina’s Slum Priests – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Belloc On The Limited Intelligence Of Scientists – William M. Briggs, STTS!
Why Catholic Schools Don’t Turn Out Actual Catholics –  Kate Edwards, AI
That Was in Another Country, the Wench is Dead – D. R. McClarey, TAC
Looking for the BYZANTINE EDITION click here.
Looking for the GOD & CAESAR EDITION, click here.

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