Francis in Favor of Homosexual and Women Priests? – Fr. D. Longenecker
Legos, God, and the Fallacy of Composition – Dr. Edward Feser, StrngNtns
Religious Freedom in Search of Its Argument – H. Arkes, Catholic Thing
10 Lessons from My Mom on How to be a Mother – Katie P. Warner, ICL™
Going Where I’m Needed – Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard
Popular Truth – Foxfier, Catholic Stand
The Reasons Why the Romans Still Fascinate Us – Fr A. Lucie-Smith, CH
Pope Approved ‘Gay Marriage’ Or Something – Patrick Archbold, Daily Regr
Is Pope Francis Stepping Away from Summorum? – Jeffrey Tucker, NLMov
Is Religion Really the Number One Cause of War? – Jon Sorensen, Cath Ans
With Malice Toward Some – Michael Stokes Paulsen, Public Discourse
A Meditation on Something Jesus Said to St. Martha – Msgr. Charles Pope
Towards a Non-Romantic Theology of Women – Anna Sutherland, FT/FT
QUAERITUR: Do I Have to Add Details When I Confess Sins? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Sorry Atheism, No Nonhuman Personhood – Stacy Trasancos
He’d Rather Reign In Hell Than Serve In Heaven – DarwinCatholic, TAC
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