The Magnanimity and Humility of St. Ignatius Loyola – P. B. Bersnak, CMag
Why Guilt, Suffering and Living Only for Heaven? – Fr. J. Bartunek SThD
The Terrifying Calm on Copacabana Beach – Miguel Cullen, Cath Herald
Do Atheists Have Faith? – Jimmy Akin, Strange Notions
My Isl@m’s Quest for Truth – Jennifer S. Bryson, Public Discourse
How I Begin My Day Makes All the Difference – Sarah Reinhard, ICLife™
Pro-Life Compassion – J.R. Baldwin, Ignitum Today
Lay Evangelist Michael Gormley Video Interview – Edmund Mitchell, CS
Suffering at the Hands of Family – Monica, Catholic Sistas
Contraception: What the Church Teaches – Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Cath Exch
Feminist and  Pro-Life: You Don’t Have to Choose – Bethanie Ryan. IgnTdy
Bishop Tutu: “I’d Rather Go To Hell Than . . . ” – William M. Briggs, STTS!
Writing to Rome To Correct Liturgical Abuses – Fr. Z’s Blog
Steam Drills and Smart Phones – God and Caesar
The Anglican Way: Porn and Homosexuals – Patrick Archbold, Daily Register
Why the Catholic Bishops Are Wrong on Immigration – Brad Miner, CThing
Most Victimized in Syria? Young Christian Women – BizPulpit
Zimmerman and the Search for the Great White Racist – D. R. McClarey, TAC
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