Entertaining God: 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time – John Bergsma PhD
The Saint who Established the Bridgettine Monasteries – Spiritual Life
Doctor Keeps Medical Practice in Line with Catholic Teaching – S. Fisher
ST 1.16.1 – James Chastek PhL, Just Thomism
A Texas-Sized Triumph for Life – Joe Kral, Truth and Charity Forum
New Website on Learning Latin! – Ecclesia Latina
Renovation/Restoration at St. Patrick’s New York: No Low Altar – NLM
Home to Me – Hector Ortiz
General John Reynolds & His Catholic Fiancee – Donald R. McClarey JD
How to Recover the Catholic Vote – Matthew Hennessey, Crisis Magazine
Transubstantiation: Do We Believe? – Mike Filce, The Devout Life
Catholic Dads: To Clip or Not To Clip? – E. Neubauer, 21 Century Pilgrim
Unplanned Does Not Equal Unwanted – Amanda Mortus, Patient Wanderer
3 Things to Remember When Having a Personal Vocation Crisis – M. Alex
Brain Death and Organ Donation – Jay Boyd, Catholic Stand
Replies to ‘Gay Marriage’ Arguments – Same Entile, The Catholic Voyager
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Looking for the BYZANTINE EDITION click here.

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