How to Convert 7 Billion People Ten Years at a Time – Taylor Marshall PhD
The Mass We Make – Kathleen Pluth, The Chant Café
15 Major Heresies and Those Who Fought Them – Jason Liske, AMtC
Not Ready For Heaven: Things I’m Embarrassed to Admit – Stephanie Calis
The Road Before Us – Michelle Arnold, Catholic Answers
Catholic Techie Interview – Thomas L. McDonald, P/God and Machine
Protect Babies and Women – Stand With Pro-Life Texas! – Birgit, Cath Sis
He’s Not a Hitter, He’s a Baby Sitter! – Tom Purcell, Catholic Lane
Parents as Lay Ministers – Bethanie Ryan, Ignitum Today
On Satan’s Ephemeral Victories, Our Response – David L. Gray, CStand
The Serious Article About Gargoyles – David Clayton, Catholic Exchange
Abortion Proponents Hate “Safe, Legal, and Rare” – Collin Garbarino, FT
Interesting Premise in Universalist/Pessimist Controversy – J. Chastek PhD
Freedom from Government (Birth) Control – Carrie Gress, Cthlc Wrld Rprt
Egypt Military: Calm Things Down or We Will Step In – Tavern Keepers
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