St. Gertrude Reports that Jesus Sang Mass Propers – Jeffrey A. Tucker
Whiskey Man: Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki – Whiskey Catholic
The Conspiracy of Pornography Exposed – Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Mag
Bill Maher: Pope’s an Atheist, Vatican Will Poison Him – M. Archbold, NCR
Women Priests: Driving Wedge Between Anglicans & Rome – Fr. O, AIR
Darkness to Light: a Story of Redemption and Life – Hannah R. Allen, CL
Robot Sex – Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing
Operation Overlord – Deacon Mike Bickerstaff, Integrated Catholic Life™
Packing for the Final Journey – Thomas L. McDonald, P/God&Machine
Vocation for the Wives of Deacons, M. Kaufmann MA, H&PReview
Was Saint Paul a Misogynist and a Bigot? – Jim Blackburn, Catholic Ans
The Power of Communication: A Reflection on Euphemism – Ashley Noronha
Of Latin and Sunday Collections – Fr. Z’s Blog
Why Don’t They Come Here Legally? – Jason Hall, Catholic Stand
Mother Teresa, Pope Francis & You: – Eric Neubauer, 21 Century Pilgrim
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