Morality, Religion, Law – Maverick Philosopher

How I Learned…Enjoy Downton Abbey – Daniel McInernym, T.I.C.

Americans Love Their Drones – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Capitalism on Trial at the ICC – Walter Olson, Commentary

The Drone Targeting Dilemma – Ilya Somin, Volokh

Originalism and Drone Strikes – Michael Ramsey, Originalism

The Writer’s Miserable Lot – Alan Jacobs, American Conservative

Rubio’s Response: Risks and Rewards – Seth Mandel, Commentary

Poll Worker Admitted To Voting Twice – Lonely Conservative

Liberty and Public Decency (Part II) – Sven Wilson, Pileus

Aging Porn Stars and Aging Ideologies – Donald McClarey, T.A.C.

Fed Bought More Debt Than Issued – Lonely Conservative

The Conservative Call to Compassion – Brittany Baldwin, T.I.C.

Minimum Wage…and Affirmative Action – Run Unz, American Conservative

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