More Wisdom from Fr. Lazarus El Anthony (OR)

Pope Tawadros: Nation Needs New Start, Protests Should Stop – AllAfrica (OR)

The Means That Unite Us to God – Simply Orthodox (OX)

Met. Georges Khodr on Marxism, Christianity – Notes on Arab Orthodoxy (OX)

Christian Hope – Fr. Ted’s Blog (OX)

An Atheist Visits Mt. Athos – Scholium (OX)

First Romanian Orthodox Church in Africa – Khanya (OX)

Mystically Deficient – Ric Ballard, Eastern Catholic Spiritual Renewal (EC)

St. Symeon: Drip the Oil of Your Grace, My God – Thicket and Thorp (OX)

In the Secret Place – Glory to God For All Things (OX)

Before Hipster Was “Hip” – Drew Tatusko, Emerging Into Orthodoxy (OX)

The Student That Met God Through Elder Paisios – Pantokratoras (OX)


EC = Eastern Rite Catholic
OX = Orthodox Church
OR = Oriental Church (Coptics, etc.)
RC = Latin Rite Catholic
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