Why You Should Eat Indian Food Today: Saint Thomas’ Feastday – Dr. Taylor Marshall

English Propers, 4th Sunday in Advent – Jeffrey A. Tucker, New Liturgical Movement

When Advent Is Hard – Jennifer Fulwiler, National Catholic Register

Left Meets Right at Christmas Dinner – Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot to Leave

Consecration to Jesus through Mary (DeMontfort) For Priests – Fr. Matthew J. Albright

What is “Heroic Virtue”? – Fr. Z’s Blog

The Gift of Celibacy, Its Meaning Today – John Morgan III, Ignitum Today

Catholic Univ. Students Petition for Starbucks Removed from Campus – Matt Archbold

Reviving Marriage in America – Anna Williams, First Things/First Thoughts

Jane Austen’s EmmaMitchell Kalpakgian, Crisis Magazine

Three Hobbit-Related Book Reviews – Brandon Vogt,

Peter Jackson’s “Hobbit”: Is It J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth? – Thomas M. Doran

Sandy Hook, Huckabee, & the Inscrutability of Evil – Francis J. Beckwith, The Cth Thng

Can Obama Have Marriage Agenda Without Talk on What Marriage Is – R. Anderson

Fr. Schall: Looking Back, Looking Ahead – Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing

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