Tithing and Original Sin – Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, New Theological Movement

Widows and Scribes, Substance and Style – Carl E. Olson, The CWR Blog

English Propers, 32nd Sunday – Jeffrey A. Tucker, New Liturgical Movement

The Little Way of Advent: a Book Review – Bonnie Engstrom, Ignitum Today

B16 on Liturgical Music, New Evangelization: Stresses Gregorian Chant. . . – Fr. Z’s Blog

Faith Is Possible Only Through Communion With The Church – Catholic in Brooklyn

The Uniqueness of Christianity: 12 Objections Answered – Dr. Peter Kreeft, Ign Ins Scp

Screwtape on Love, the Philosophy of Hell, & American Civil Religion – A. DiStefano, CP

Ancient, Hallowed Ritual Can Provide Lasting Consolation – Francis Phillips, Cthlc Herald

Is “Extraordinary Form” an Acceptable Name? & is it the Official Name? – Rorate Cæli

Infinite Love – Marc Barnes, Patheos/Bad Catholic

How Seraphim of Sarov Led Me Back to St. Therese – Jason Liske, Ascending Mt. Carmel

God is Calling Families into Mission! – Family Missions Company


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