The Pope’s Reflections on Facebook – Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register

Saint Francis de Sales: The Journalists’ Patron – David Mills, First Thoughts

A Friend in St. Francis de Sales – Julie Filby,

Thinking, Living & Embracing Life on the Digital Continent – Father Roger Landry, TICL™

US: Med. Schools Require Students to Abort Children to Graduate – Brian Fraga, The Dly Rgstr

In its Cautious Way, the Ordinariate Continues to Power Ahead – William Oddie, Cthlc Herald

The Real Fighting Irish: A Review of Notre Dame & the Civil War – Donald R. McClarey, TAC

Archbishop Joseph Naumann’s Anti-Pornography Effort – Jim Graves, Catholic World Report

P.Z. Myers, Himmler Wannabe of Morris, Minnesota – Mark P. Shea, Catholic and Enjoying It!

Lack of Gov’t Oversight Led to Abortion Horrors – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Rprt

Swiss Guards Celebrate 505 Years of History – Catholic News Agency

Newman and Lewis on the Limits of Education – Tom Howard, InsideCatholic

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