The Consequences of Attacking Syria

Patriarch Twal: Attack Syria on What Authority? – Edward Pentin, NCReg
More Islamic the State, Harsher Treatment Christians Receive – R. Harris
What the U. S. Can Do to Help Christians in Syria – John Burger, Ct Wr Rp
What Future Is there for the Middle East’s Minorities? – Ed West, Cth Hrl
To Intervene or Not to Intervene, That Is the Question – D. McClarey JD
No War on Syria. . .Yet – Carly Andrews, Aleteia
Notes on Reading Syria – Carlos X, Super Martyrio
U. K. Syria Vote: Stunning Defeat for David Cameron – Damian Thompson
The U.S.’s Lagging Commitment to Religious Freedom – R. P. George. . .
Religious Freedom in Search of Its Argument, Abroad – Hadley Arkes

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