Groupie, Not Selfie, Photo of Pope Francis and FriendsMore of a Groupie than a Selfie, Pope Francis – Jeff Miller, Curt Jester

St. Rose of Lima – Catholic Lane
Pope Francis’ Great Restructuring of the Church – Russell Shaw, Aleteia
Jane Austen: A Feminist Icon? – Sydney Leach, Crisis Magazine
Decided to Homeschool but Super Scared? – Theresa A. Thomas, Cthlc Ln
Dante & The Splendor Of Truth – Rod Dreher, Russian Orthodox Blogger
The Academic Method of Drawing, ie Leonardo, the Results – D. Clayton
Shakespeare’s King Lear – Mitchell Kalpakgian, Crisis Magazine
The Christians in Syria and the War –
Lagavulin Visit Recap – Michael, Whiskey Catholic
Sins, Despair, and the Love of God – Alexandra Reis, Ignitum Today
Go to Hell for Flimsiest of Reasons; Invincible Ignorance – Sam Entile
Nashville Dominicans Make New Home in Scotland – EWTN News
Dear Facebook: If This Isn’t Hate Speech, Then What Is? – Kathy Schiffer
The End of the Papist Cult – David L. Gray, Catholic Stand
London Oratory Ordered to Change Admissions Policy – Catholic Herald
Iowa Democrats Praying to Moloch for Abortion – Donald R. McClarey JD
Good News for Fans of S. T. D.’s – Matthew Archbold, Creative Mnrty Rprt
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