10th Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum

We can Safely Say the Doomsayers are Wrong

by Dom Alcuin Reid

of Catholic Herald

The Glorious Revolution Overthrown – Peter A. Kwasniewski Ph.D., New Liturgical Mvmnt
On the Tenth Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Mvmnt
Fisking Great Summorum Pontificum by Michael Brendan Dougherty with Hard Truths – Fr. Z
Let’s Call It Reason #9577 for Summorum Pontificum – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Summorum at 10: “The Mass Will Rise Again” – Remembering Tito Casini – Rorate Cæli
So. . . Tie One On! (A Maniple That Is) – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Axes of Interpretation – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli
We Thank in Particular. . . – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli
Inspires New Generation to Bridge the Liturgical Divide – Fr. Michael Pawlowicz, Adoremus
“The Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum at 10” – by Dr. Tom Woods – Rorate Cæli
Summorum Pontificum Anniversary Mass at Basilica Shrine – Kenneth J. Wolfe, Rorate Cæli
Liturgy Amidst the Challenges of Modern Culture – R. Jared Staudt, Crisis Magazine


(Photo Credit: Teen Vogue YouTube Screen Shot via The Stream)

The Predator in the Fashion Magazine: Teen Vogue Coaches Teenagers in Sodom. . . (Warning: Graphic Language)

by Jennifer Hartline

of The Stream

The West and What Comes After – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
How To Get More People To Church – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Yes, They Really Do Despise Their Civilization – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
‘Hate Group’ Smears are Exploding; Their Favorite Brand of Dirty Bomb – John Zmirak Ph.D.
Why People Hate The Media, Chapter MDCXIII – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
The Church and the New Left – Fr. Bevil Bramwell O.M.I. Ph.D., The Catholic Thing
Sex: The Church Vs. The World – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Trump in Poland – Ryszard Legutko, First Things
The Philosophy of Book Buying – Enoch Arnold Bennett, The Civilized Reader
Judges Remove Injunction Against Mississippi’s Religious-Freedom Law – Brian Fraga, NC Reg
Western Civilization? – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Like Charlie Gard, These Children Have Had Their Right to Life Denied Too – W.J. Smith J.D.
China is Playing a Dangerous Game With North Korea – Mike Evans, The Stream
Parental & Gov’tal Authority in Medical Decisions: Charlie Gard – Melissa Moschella Ph.D., PD
Charlie Gard’s Parents have 48 Hrs to Prove Untested, Experimental Technique Works – CMR
Passion for Equality: At The Expense of the Truth – Mark Movsesian, First Things


Father Sean Kilcawley: The Spiritual and Emotional Costs of Porn Use

by Patrick Coffin

of Catholic Stand

Helmut Kohl’s Troubled Funeral – Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith Ph.D., Catholic Herald
Congregation for Divine Worship’s New Document on Valid Bread & Wine for the Eucharist – Z
The Drug-Fueled Homosexual Scandal Allegations at the Holy Office – Edward Pentin, NC Reg
Pope Francis and Humanae Vitae: The Difference to Me – Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph.D., Cthlc Cltr
Quæritur: Bishops Who Forbid Priests from Saying Traditional Latin Mass – Fr. Z’s Blog
Wait, Why is There an Egyptian Ankh in a Catholic Church? – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Getting Back on Track with Your Fundraising Goal – Brice Sokolowski, CatholicFundraiser.net
Is Cardinal Pell “The Quintessential Scape-Goat”? – Carl E. Olson, The Catholic World Report
Rossi’s Mean Remarks – Edward N. Peters J.C.D. J.D., In the Light of the Law
Chastity vs. Tyrannical Sex – Russell Shaw, The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report
Symptoms, Causes and Loving Those with Same-Sex Attraction – Carrie Gress Ph.D., NC Reg
Mental Health and Sinfulness – the Church Urgently Needs Clear Teaching – Ben Ryan, CH
The Victims of Divorce Speak – Leslie Fain, The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report
“Hung Up in Tears” After Speaking to Joaquin Navarro-Valls for the Last Time – Jn. L. Allen Jr.
A Balanced Inquiry on Immigration: Trespassers and Refugees – John C. Wright J.D.
Abp. Ladaria has Consistent Record of Upholding Church Teaching on Marriage. . . – M.J. Miller


(Photo Credit: Paolo Gallo at fotolia)

Europe Is Dying—But Don’t Be Alarmed

by William Kilpatrick, Ph.D.

of The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report

Normalizing Incest and Other Perversions: It’s Already Happening – William M. Briggs Ph.D.
Why Are Elites Making Us Say Men Are Women? – William M. Briggs, Statistician to the. . .
The Pelvic Left Attacks an Innocent Woman – Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine
Study: Temp. Adjustments Account for Nearly All of the Warming in Climate Data – Bastasch
Ex-Gay is Here to Stay – Michael Brown Ph.D., The Stream
CNN Hurt Its Credibility – Mona Charen, The Stream
Bill de Blasio has No Real Interest in the Job He was Elected to Do – Seth Barron, City Jrnl
5th Cent. Med Texts Written by Hippocrates Found at St. Catherine’s Monastery of Sinai – D.E.
By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed: A Catholic Defense of Capital Punishment – W. Briggs Ph.D.
Recognizing the Rights of Children in the Fight for Marriage – Leslie Fain, The Dispatch
The Urgency of Restoring the Biblical Values of America’s Founders – Arthur Goldberg, P.D.


Fontmontgault Abbey.

The Monks of Fontgombault Sing “Salve Regina”

by J-P Mauro

of Aleteia

Spiritual Direction and the Role of the Laity – Russell Shaw, The Catholic World Report
10 Holy Married Couples Who Were Both Saints! – ChurchPop
Solemn High Mass of Thanksgiving at the Monastery of Norcia – Peter A. Kwasniewski Ph.D.
The Blessing of Catholic Friends – Lorelei Savaryn, Catholic Stand
A Prayer Book for the Rest of Us: Seeking Jesus in Everyday Life – Sarah Reinhard, NC Rgstr
This Is Why Bishops Wear So Many Hats – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
On Acedia, Eros and Christian Joy – David Clayton, Beauty of Catholicism
Joaquin Navarro-Valls Provided a Lesson in Papal Service – Fr. Raymond J. de Souza, NC Reg
Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – Deacon Michael Bickerstaff, Intgrtd Cth Life™
Is “Guadalupe” a Mexican Name? – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
God and Objective Morality – Christopher Akers, The Catholic Thing
Catholic Social Teaching: Rooted in Leviticus? – Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph.D., Catholic Culture
Church and Spiritual Maturity in Christian Life – Nicholas LaBanca, Catholic Stand
Building a Bridge to Sacred Music – Trent Beattie, National Catholic Register
The Intersection of Catholic Faith & Modern Classical Music – Justin McClain, Cthlc Exchange
On Having Enemies to Love – R.J. Snell Ph.D., The Catholic Thing


Fresh Hopes for Charlie Gard

by Edward Pentin

of the National Catholic Register

If Jesus Had No Sin, Then Why Was He Baptized? Here’s the Radical Answer – ChurchPop
British Politician Names Sixth Child “Sixtus”! Excellent! – Jonathan Wright, Catholic Herald
101 Places to Pray Before You Die – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing
Holy Communion Increases Sanctifying Graces – Charlie McKinney, Cthlc Spiritual Direction
Devotion to the Precious Blood is Needed Now More than Ever – Pastor Iuventus, Cthlc Hrld
Holy Smoke! Why the Church Uses Incense at Mass – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Je Suis Charlie Gard – Patrick Coffin, National Catholic Register
5 Saints Who Were Devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Not a Republic, but a Universal Kingdom: Sunday Mass Readings Explained – J. Bergsma Ph.D.
A Devotional: Praying for Our Enemies – Anne DeSantis, Catholic Stand
5 Reasons to Memorize Scripture – Laura Loker, Aleteia
The YOUCAT Bible Helps Young People to Learn, Study and Pray – Kathy Schiffer, NC Register
Devotees of Maria Goretti Will Love Pierina Morosini – Larry Peterson, Aleteia
Catholic Bioethicist: Authorities ‘Usurped’ Role of Charlie Gard’s Parents – Joan F. Desmond
London Hospital Seeks Another Hearing in Charlie Gard Case – Catholic News Agency
Sending Books to the Future – Jim Dougherty, Catholic Stand


Left: Statue of Charles Carroll of Carrollton; right: “The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker’s Hill, 17 June, 1775” by John Trumbull (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

10 Things You Should Know about Catholics and the American Founding

by Bradley J. Birzer, Ph.D.

of The Dispatch

via The Catholic World Report

Are UK Christians at Risk in Britain’s Terrorism? – Daniel Blackman, Natl Catholic Register
China to Gays: Get Off the Net – The American Interest
Meet Only Woman with Her Name on an Official Declaration of Independence – Mary K. Ham
The Absurdity of Modern American Theater: A Call for Rebirth – M.E. Bradford Ph.D., TIC
Report: Attacks on America’s First Freedom Increased 76% in Three Years – Travis Weber
South Korea’s Brain Drain – Ben Fornay, The Diplomat
Five Kinds of Feminism – David Carlin, The Catholic Thing
Money, Keynes, and History – Mises Institute
What If North Korea Had Won the Korean War? – Michael Peck, The National Interest
How Long Is A “Blink of an Eye” Astronomically? – William M. Briggs Ph.D., Statistician. . .
Will China’s Birth Rate Improve? – Marcus Roberts, Mercatornet


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