Catholic School (Credit: Gunnersbury)

If Church Schools Won’t Fight the Cult of Gender Ideology, Who Will?

by Brendan O’Neill,

of Catholic Herald

Atheist Grp Gets Coach Banned f/Praying; Students Step Up & Pray – N. Flory, The Strm
Minnesota Nursing Home Crisis: 25,000 Sexually, Physically Abused – Bill Poehler, LN
The Friday After Thanksgiving Day Indult – Adfero, Rorate Cæli
5 Remote Churches in the West – Jim Graves, National Catholic Register
Angels & Dragons: Minor Exorcisms – Deacon Guadalupe Rodriguez, ATX Catholic
Why is Air Force Punishing Colonel Over Views on Marriage – T. Starnes, The Strm
Australia Voted for ‘Gay Marriage’ & Religious Freedom Already in Peril – N. Marsh, CH
Can Catholic Schools Resist the New Gender Confusion – Dan Hitchens, Catholic Herald
Wave of Sex Abuse Accusations Returns to Universities – Anne Hendershott, The CWR
N.C. Register Film Reviewer Makes Major League of Critics’ Circles – K.V. Turley, NCRg
Caldey Abbot Apologises Over Failure to Report Abuse Allegations – Catholic Herald
Dan Burke Talks “The Contemplative Rosary” – EWTN Bookmark Show – Liz Estler, CSD
Real Marriage is Tying the Knot God’s Way – Paul Oakes, Catholic Stand

Book Review & Interview with Mike & Grace Aquilina – Paul Senz, The CWR
What To Expect from Francis’ 2018 Peru Visit – Miriam Diez Bosch, Aleteia
Pakistan’s Religious Minorities Underrepresented – Kamran Chaudhry, Asia News

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