Increasing Vocations isn’t Rocket Science

by Brian Williams

of Liturgy Guy

Pope Francis’ Next Act – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
Some Good News: His Hermeneuticalness is Back in the Saddle Again – Fr. Z’s Blog
Reply to Daniel Fincke’s Analyses of His Deconversion – Dave Armstrong, Biblical Eviden. . .
Cardinal Meisner was a Fighter, but His Last Hours were Touched by Sadness – Marco Tosatti
American Catholicism is Being Poisoned by Factionalism – Michael Davis, Catholic Herald
Antonio Spadaro has Discovered a Brand of Protestantism He Doesn’t Like – S.B. White Ph.D.
Ascension Roundtable: Do’s and Don’ts of Catholic Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski
Rome Roiled by Recent Scandals, Conflicts – Scott P. Richert, OSV Newsweekly
Exorcist Warns Witches that Casting Spells Will Come Back to Haunt Them – P.M. Armstrong
Russian Byzantine Catholic Church: Caught between Vatican & Russian Orthodox – Rome Reps
4.5 Years of Ad Orientem, So Much Blessing! – Fr. Richard Heilman, Roman Catholic Man
The Surfer Priest – Fr. Donald Calloway – Fr. Donald Calloway M.I.C., Aleteia
Half of Those Pondering Religious Life in U.S. have to Pay Off Student Debt First – Col. Dulle
Holy Homebrew: Catholic Priest Wins Brewing’s Highest Honor – Catholic News Agency
The Relationship of Church and University – Russell Shaw, OSV Newsweekly
Sacramento’s Bp. Gallegos Venerable & Beloved by Many – M. Nelson, Angelus Nws via CNA

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