Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), in Pilani, India.

Inside the World’s Most Exclusive University, Where the Acceptance Rate is Just 1.5%

by Chris Weller,

of Business Insider

Grocery Chain w/ Power to Beat Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s, Officially In U.S. – Hay. Peterson
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Protecting Private Property: The Road to Sainthood? – Fr. Ben Johnson, Transatlantic Blog
Study Shows Cutting Contraception Pgms Reduces Teen Pregnancies, Abortions – M. New Ph.D.
The Anglo-American Democracy Problem – Edward Luce, Financial Times
Reporters Fail to Link Chinese Couple Killed in Pakistan w/ Missionary Enterprise – Julia Duin
Elder Abuse is a Consequence when Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide Legalized – Paul Russell, LN
Church Destroyed, Christians Detained in China’s Henan Prov. – M. Hadro, Cthlc News Agency
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