The Rising, Dangerous Influence of ‘Transgender’ IdeologyThe Rising, Dangerous Influence of Transgender Ideology – P. Lawler

The Popular Pontificate of Pope Francis: Two Views – Fr. Z’s Blog
Hitler: Born Before His Time – Donald R. McClarey JD, The Amr Cth
Giving Thanks for Our Meals Publicly, Don’t Shy Away – J. D. Mullane

Moral of the Story: You Will Fail Without Prayer – Alex Johannigman
Patriarch: Islamic State Invasion Is Attempted Genocide – D. Abi Raad
Prioress of Dominican Sisters in Iraq Chronicles ISIS War – C. E. Olson
Calif. Places Abortion Mandate on Catholic Univ.’ Insurers – P.J. Smith
Is the E. U.’s Flag a Marian Emblem? – Philip Jenkins, Catholic Culture
Options Benedict & Jeremiah in Higher Education – Carter Skeel
For the Love of a Dog – Emma Smith, Ignitum Today
New Abortion Controversy Roils Irish Politics – Patrick Kenny, NCReg
A Model for a Cultural Ctr. for the New Evangelization – David Clayton
Quæritur: Hogging the Confessional – Fr. Z’s Blog
Distributionism vs. Plutoyperetonism – John C. Wright
Scottish Monks: Life On A Monastery Island – Beverly Stevens, Regina
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal –
Christianity, Islam, and The Middle East –
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