Non Sexual Hook Up CultureThe Non-Sexual Hook-Up Culture – Kevin O’Brien

Is History Really Over? – George Weigel, First Things
The Vatican Has Not Endorsed U. S. Military Action in Iraq – P. Lawler
Knights of Columbus Will Match Aid to Persecuted Iraqis – The Reg
New Religious Communities Helped by Archbishop – Ryn. Eggenberger
Fr. Barron on the Persecution of Christians in the Middle East – Cth Fir
A Plea on Behalf of Victims of Barbarism in Iraq – Rb. P. George DPhil
LCWR Continues to Deflect Inquiries about Sexual Abuse by Nuns – Z
The Night the Moroccans Came – Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna
Catholic Church Quiet as Scotland Votes on Independence – Gallagher
Wanted: An American Missionary Church – Soon – Russell Shaw, TCT
Pro-Abort Bias in News Story on Catholic Univs.? Well, Duh – R Ross Jr
Robin Williams, CS Lewis & the Demons That Drove Him
– FDL (fixed)
When Life Begins & Why It Matters – Denis J. Hunnell MD, Cthlc Stnd

Nigerian Women Don’t Want What the U. S. Is Peddling – S.W. Mosher
An American Girl in Scotland – Beverly Stevens, Regina Magazine

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