Vatican II Banned ThemDid We Really Need Vatican II? – Russell Shaw, The CWR Blog

Will Doctors Be Forced to Kill? – Wesley J. Smith, First Things
Answers to Questions About Gay “Marriage” – Leila, Little Cth Bubble
Iraq’s Christians: Robbed, Abandoned & Desperate to Survive – Smith
Exodus of t Largely Unknown Middle Eastern Christians – Dr. A. DeVille
A Timeless Lesson & the Burden of Sin – Randy Hain, Intg Cth Life™
We Must Welcome Christians Fleeing Middle East to the U. K. – The C
2014 Dhimmi Award Recipient: Abp. Ces. Nosiglia of Turin, Italy – RC
Contraception: Sexism’s Greatest Ally – Matthew Tyson, Cthlc Stand
Pope Francis & Equivocations – Richard Cipolla, Rorate Cæli
Priests Should Not Be Forced to Break the Seal of Confession – T. Horn
Confusing Validity & Sacramentality in Marriage – Peters; Fr Z Fisks
Anti-Dogmatic Bishop Nunzio Galantino – Alessandro Gnocchi
Europe’s High Court Defends Marriage – John Paul Shimek, Aleteia
African Women Turning to NFP; Turning Down Contraceptives – S. M.
The Many Failings of Liberation Theology – Fr. Z’s Blog
No More Silence About Extermination of Christians! – Fr. Martin Fox
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