The English priests who taught Real Madrid a football lessonThe English Priests Who Taught Real Madrid a Football Lesson – Krny

The Porn Pandemic Shows Pornography’s ‘Devastating Effects’ – Sggns
England: From Most Cthlc Nation to Most Anti-Cthlc Nation – D. Selwood
The Saint Who Began the Society that Became the Oratory – The Cth Hrl
Abp. Gänswein: European Govts Ignore Attacks on Christians – The Reg
The Truth About Ireland & the Faith – Michael Durnan, Regina Magazine
In The Heart of Every Traditionalist Lies a Schismatic – Patrick Archbold
Resigning Ourselves to a Middle East Without Christians – J. Frawley D.
Abp. Prendergast Calls Trudeau’s Pro-Abort Stance Scandalous – Thrs
Abp. Peter Smith: Same-Sex Civil Partnerships Not Marriages – The CH
Crd. Kasper Undermines Church Teaching on Marriage – Fr. Gr. Murray
Against Walter Cardinal Kasper’s Ideas on Marriage – Ross Douthat, NYT
Priests in Libya Say Catholics Living in Fear – Jonathan Luxmoore
Those That Came Before – Amanda Mortus, Ignitum Today
Thinking Liturgically: The God of My Youth – Kevin M. Tierney, Cth Lan
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