Give Me Back My Valentine! - Karen Anderson, Crisis Mag

Live from The Square: Valentine’s Pope - Rocco Palmo, Whispers
Valentine’s Day: Vile or Virtuous? - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, SoMH
Once Upon a Time, there was a Banana in the Kitchen - T. Thomas
The Sweetest Heart of Jesus - Donna Sue Berry, RC Spiritual Dir
St. Valentine, Priest and Martyr - Catholic Lane
More on the Creation Debate - Ben, Two Catholic Men & a Blog
Why Privatizing Marriage Can’t Work - F. J. Beckwith, Catholic Thing
Canonist Ed Peters Shreds Falsehoods about Pius X – Fr. Z’s Blog
St. Valentine’s Romantic Connections? - Southern Fried Catholicism
Fourteen Tips About Life, Your Choice - Donald R. McClarey, TAC
Cosmology and Creation: Contrasting Notions - Fr. Andrew Pinsent
Blackfriars Media: New App (Android Version) - Allison Gingras
Valentine Effort Promotes Authentic Love to Students - T. McFeely
Judge Not - Tim Staples, Catholic Answers
Love - Karen Pullano, Godversations
Pope: Only God Can Teach Us to Accept His Love - Francis Phillips
Demonic Obsession - Tim Shaughnessy, Truth & Charity
Belgium Becomes First to Legalize Child Euthanasia - Elise Harris
Russia, Homosexuality, & Protection of Children – C. Moynihan MN
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