Dr Josef MengeleSavage’s Proposal of Mandatory Abortions Gets Applause – Dcn. Donnelly

A Rose Is Just a Rose Except in Canada – Howard Duncan, Catholic Stand
3 Ways Not to Share the Trinity – Matt Fradd
How You Can Help w/Philippine Recovery Efforts – Catherine Harmon
Thousands of Lives to Give: The Philippines – Rachana Chhin, Igntm Tdy
Miracle Baby Born in Philippines Amid Disaster – Matthew Archbold, CMR
Be Witnesses as Francis Looms Large, Nuncio Upstages Elvis – Rc. Palmo
Mysterium Fidei: The Year & the Encyclical – Fr. David Meconi, H&PR
Should Heretics Receive the Death Penalty? – Taylor Marshall PhD
The Challenge of a Post-Modern World – Kate Edwards, Oz Incognito
Have Yourself a Very Deuterocanonical Resurrection – Devin Rose, IT
My Dear Grubmuck – Michelle Arnold, Catholic Answers
Unintentional Fetal Depersonalization – Marc Barnes, Bad Catholic
Great Kapellmeister Domenico Crd. Bartolucci Is Dead – The Epnms Flwr
Richard Morris, RIP (May 30, 1942 – Sep. 12, 2013) – Jeffrey A. Tucker
Sacred Art for Our Children – Cassandra Poppe, Catholic Mom
Hugh O’Flaherty, Ireland’s Shining Priest – William Doino Jr, First Things
St. Martin of Tours & Search for Holiness – Régine Pernoud, Ign Ins Scp
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